Audrey Hepburn

Birth: May 4,1929
Elsene, Belgium

Death: 20 January, 1993
Tolochenaz, Switzerland

Audrey Hepburn was born as Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston on May 4th 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. She was born into a privileged family: her mother Ella was a Dutch baroness  and her British father Joseph had a good job at a loan company in Belgium. Audrey also had two half brothers from her mother’s previous marriage: Ian and Alex. At age 5 Audrey entered a boarding school in England and it was there that she fell in love with ballet, a lifelong passion. But all was not well in the family: Joseph was a heavy drinker and left when Audrey was six. Little Audrey was devastated and begged for her father to have visitation rights. He eventually got them, but he never visited her.
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Lucille Ball

Birth: August 6, 1911
New York, United States

Death: April 26, 1989
California, United States

Lucille Ball was the first child of DeDe and Henry Ball, a young couple who were very much in love. It was a happy time and little Lucy was spoiled with love and affection. Unfortunately,  this was cut short when Henry died at age 27 from typhoid fever. Lucy was only four years old and her mother was pregnant with her little brother. Her mother was heartbroken and Lucy’s maternal grandparents and aunt stepped in to help the young widow.
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Paul Newman

Birth: 26 January 1925
Ohio, United States

Death: 26 September 2008
Connecticut, United States

Paul Leonard Newman was born on January 25, 1926 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was the second son of Theresa and Arthur, who owned the profitable sporting goods store Newman-Stern. Paul was close to his mother, whereas his father took a liking to his athletic brother Arthur Jr.. Paul’s mother loved the theater and encouraged his artistic side. At the age of seven Paul acted for the first time when he played a court jester in a school production of Robin Hood. Continue reading “Paul Newman”

Marlene Dietrich

Birth: 27 December 1901
Berlin, Germany.

Death: 6 May 1992
Paris, France

Marlene Dietrich was born as Maria Magdalene Dietrich on 27 December 1901 in Berlin, Germany. She was the second child to Josephine, a housewife, and Louis, a police lieutenant. Josephine ran the household with an iron fist, but Louis was rarely home. He would remain an enigma to Marlene, as he passed away when she was five years old.
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Laurence Olivier

Birth: 22 May 1907
Surrey, England

Death: 8 July 1989
West Sussex, England

Laurence Kerr Olivier was born on 22 may 1907 in Dorking, England. He was the youngest of three children and the apple of his mother’s eye. His father was a strict High Anglican priest who was very cold towards his youngest son. Laurence’s life changed dramatically when he was 12: his mother passed away of a brain tumor and he was sent to boarding school.
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Ava Gardner

Birth: December 24, 1922
North Carolina, United States

Death: January 25, 1990
London, England

Ava Lavinia Gardner was born on Christmas Eve, 1922 in the small community of Grabtown in North Carolina. Her parents were farmers and she was the youngest of seven children. When Ava was a toddler a fire burned down her family’s barn and cotton gin. So the family moved to a boarding house for female teachers, where her mother became the cook and her father the caretaker. Little Ava was an energetic and mischievous tomboy, who had a passion for dancing.
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Frank Sinatra

Birth: December 12, 1912
New Jersey, United States

Death: May 14, 1998
California, United States

Frank Sinatra’s birth on December 12, 1915 was a rough one. The 13.5 pound baby almost died and it was so traumatic for his mother, that he remained an only child. His parents, Marty and Dolly, were Italian immigrants. Marty was a former boxer and a fireman and Dolly was an ambitious and strong woman with a lot of influence in their neighborhood. She was convicted twice for running an illegal abortion business, but bounced back quickly and became a committeewoman for the democratic party. Frank was a bit lonely as a kid, since his parents were always working, but he always had friends.
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James Stewart

Birth: May 20, 1908
Pennsylvania, United States

Death: July 2, 1997
California, United States

James Stewart, who was called Jimmy, was born on may 20th 1908 in Indiana as the oldest child to Elizabeth and Alexander Stewart. His father was a hard-working, stern man who was very involved in Jimmy’s life. His mother was a warm and loving woman. The family would sit around the piano on Sunday, singing and playing instruments.

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Katharine Hepburn

Birth: May 12, 1907
Connecticut, United States

Death: June 29, 2003
Connecticut, United States

Katharine Houghton Hepburn was born into an extraordinary family. Her father Thomas Hepburn was a urologist and helped establish the New England Social Hygiene Association which educated people about venereal disease. Her mother Katharine ‘Kit’ Houghton became the head of the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association and campaigned for birth control. Katharine was their second child and their first daughter.
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Greta Garbo

Birth: 18 september, 1905
Stockholm, Sweden

Death: 15 april, 1990
New York, United States

Greta Garbo was born as Greta Lovisa Gustafsson on 18 september 1905 in Stockholm,Sweden. Her parents, Karl and Anna, already had two children: Sven and Alva. The family was very poor and lived in a neighborhood that was seen as the city’s slum. Her father worked in various jobs to support the family, as a butcher’s assistant and a landscaper. Although Greta was a daydreamer and liked to be alone, she was also known to be a bit bossy. From a young age she was very interested in performing on stage. She even participated in amateur theatre with some friends.
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Marlon Brando

Birth: April 3, 1924
Nebraska, United States

Death: July 1, 2004
Los Angeles, United States

Marlon Brando was born into an unconventional household. His mother Dorothy Pennebaker, known as Dodie, was an actress and a very spirited woman. But during her marriage she became an alcoholic. His father, Marlon Brando Sr., was a chemical feed manufacturer and was on the road a lot. He was not a warm father; he was known for his stern character and womanizing ways. Marlon and his two sisters therefore pretty much raised themselves.

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