James Dean: the legend

James Dean legend

Today marks the sixtieth anniversary of James Dean’s untimely death. James was 24-years old and had starred in just three movies when he died. In many ways he was just beginning. Still, he’s one of the few Classic Hollywood actors who’s fame survived the test of time.

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Classic Hollywood and the Rise of Television

Classic Hollywood television

A television started to become a staple in households all over the world in the 1950’s. For Classic Hollywood this was very unfortunate timing: in 1948 the decline of the studio system had begun.

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Interview: Astrid Franse, the owner of the Marilyn Monroe modeling archive

As you may recall, a year ago Classic Hollywood Central reported that a unique Marilyn Monroe archive was discovered in Holland. The archive used to belong to Emmeline Snively, the deceased owner of the Blue Book Modeling Agency and Marilyn’s former boss/confidante. Astrid en Ben Franse, who own a store called Bennies Fifties, found out they had a box containing the archive under their desk for twenty years. Classic Hollywood Central spoke with Astrid Franse about her unique find.


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The Studios

If you know anything about Hollywood during its Golden Age, you will know that the studios were the ones with all the power. They were in total control of the movies that were made, the people that were involved, the distributing process and the P.R.
But what do we really know about these omnipresent studios? Who were these so-called Big Five (the most powerful studio’s) and Little Three (the smaller studio’s)?
Classic Hollywood Central put together a list of the eight studios that ruled it all.

The Big Five


Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) 

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The Rat Pack

Although the name ‘Rat Pack’ might give you visions of a smokey room where Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin are drinking champagne and cracking jokes….

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Marilyn Monroe: the legend

Exactly 50 years ago the world lost a beloved actress, a sexsymbol, an icon, a legend. Marilyn Monroe passed away on august 5th 1962. She was 36 years old.

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How Hollywood became Hollywood

Just saying the name ‘Hollywood’ brings up visions of movies, stars and glamour. But how did this iconic part of Los Angeles begin? Who made Hollywood what it is today? The answer is simple: H.J Whitley. Don’t be ashamed if this name doesn’t mean anything to you, most people don’t know the man who was nicknamed ‘The Father of Hollywood’. But the beginning of this important piece of land lies with him.

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Method Acting

Method acting, or ‘The Method’, was an extremely popular approach to acting during The Golden Age of Hollywood. Some of its biggest fans were Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

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The Star System

The Star System is the most famous part of The Studio System.

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The Studio System

The studio system was a big part of the success of Classic Hollywood. It was a system that made sure that the biggest studios in Hollywood were in total control of the movies they made and that the movies would be distributed.

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