Facts: Audrey Hepburn


-Audrey was fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian. Which gave her a great advantage both as an actress and a humanitarian. She was raised bilingually; speaking English and Dutch, which resulted in her unique accent.

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Facts: Lucy Ball

Lucy Ball smiling

Lucille suffered from ornithophobia, the fear of birds. She felt it came from seeing birds on the windowsill when she was told of her father’s death at the age of four.

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Facts: Doris Day

Doris Day facts

All of Doris’ grandparents were German immigrants.

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Facts: Jean Harlow

jean harlow facts

Jean’s mother is seen as the original ‘stage mother’, the modern phrase for a woman who vicariously lives out her own dreams of stardom through her child.

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Facts: Paul Newman



Paul’s father was Ashkenazi Jewish and the son of immigrants from Hungary and Poland. His mother was from an ethnic Slovak family in Hungary.

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Facts: Marlene Dietrich

Marlene facts
She used to call her daughter ‘the child’ and shaved years off her age for publicity purposes, causing her daughter much confusion as to what her actual age was.

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Facts: Laurence Olivier

LaurencefactsHis role models as a young actor were Douglas Fairbanks and John Barrymore.

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Facts: Ava Gardner


Ava’s oldest brother Raymond was killed when a rifle shell exploded when he was only sixteen months old.

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Facts: Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra


Frank’s eardrum was punctured at birth, causing some hearing problems. This worsened when he got older and suffered age-related intermittent hearing problems, something he was very sensitive about.

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Facts: James Stewart

Jimmy stewart

He was head male cheerleader at Princeton.

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