She Done Him Wrong (1933)

She Done Him Wrong poster

Genre: Comedy


Lady Lou (Mae West) is a singer in a Bowery barroom salon in New York in the 1890’s. She’s a bawdy, seductive woman with a lot of admirers.

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Facts: Lucy Ball

Lucy Ball smiling

Lucille suffered from ornithophobia, the fear of birds. She felt it came from seeing birds on the windowsill when she was told of her father’s death at the age of four.

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Olivia De Havilland turns 100 and gives rare interview


Legendary Classic Hollywood actress Olivia de Havilland turned 100 years old yesterday and gave a rare interview to People Magazine. She said that she was going to celebrate the milestone with dinner and drinks with “dear, dear” friends. Adding that she is “content with the role that life has given me – a centenarian!”.

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Grand Hotel (1932)

Grand Hotel poster

Genre: Drama

A group of very different individuals stay at a luxurious hotel in Berlin of between-wars Germany. The story follows this intertwining cast of characters over the course of one tumultuous day.

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Lucy Ball Gallery

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Lucille Ball

Birth: August 6, 1911
New York, United States

Death: April 26, 1989
California, United States

Lucille Ball was the first child of DeDe and Henry Ball, a young couple who were very much in love. It was a happy time and little Lucy was spoiled with love and affection. Unfortunately,  this was cut short when Henry died at age 27 from typhoid fever. Lucy was only four years old and her mother was pregnant with her little brother. Her mother was heartbroken and Lucy’s maternal grandparents and aunt stepped in to help the young widow.
Lucille Ball as a child

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Natalie Wood’s daughter speaks out about her mother


It’s been 35 years since Natalie Wood tragically drowned while on a boat trip. The details surrounding her untimely demise have always been mysterious and the investigation into her death is still open. Although her husband Robert Wagner has spoken about his late wife in interviews and even in his autobiography, her daughters have always remained silent on the subject. But Natalie’s oldest daughter Natasha has spoken out for the first time, while promoting a perfume called Natalie that she created in honor of her mother.

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Myths: Lupe Vélez’ death

In Classic Hollywood Myths we take a look at all the myths about the Golden Age of Hollywood. What really happened? Are these ‘urban legends’ true or false? Classic Hollywood Central looks into it!

Myth: Lupe Vélez died by drowning in a toilet bowl

Lupe Velez

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The Seven Year Itch (1955)

The Seven Year Itch poster

Genre: Comedy

Like many other Manhattanites Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) packs his wife (Evelyn Keyes) and child off to summer vacation, while he stays behind to work. He begins to fantasize about other women and the opportunities he has now that his wife is out of town, but he promises himself he will not act on it. But then, he meets the girl who rented the apartment upstairs for the summer (Marilyn Monroe)….

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Quote of the Week

Spencer Tracy

It is up to us to give ourselves recognition. If we wait for it to come from others, we feel resentful when it doesn’t, and when it does, we may well reject it.Spencer Tracy

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