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Read facts you never knew about Cary Grant:

Cary did most of his own stunts during his film career, thanks to the strength and flexibility he gained as an acrobat when he was young.

He sunbathed everyday for thirty minutes to ‘keep that healthy glow’.

Cary was close friends with actor Randolph Scott, whom he met on the set of Hot Saturday (1932). They even lived together for years and Scott jokingly referred to Cary as his spouse. They were very aware of the rumors about them being a couple and considered it to be amusing.

His favorite aftershave was Acqua Di Parma.

The James Bond character was written partially with Cary Grant in mind. Coincidentally, Cary turned down an offer to play James Bond in Dr. No in 1962 because, at 58, he thought he was too old.

He was very good friends with his colleague Ingrid Bergman. Cary was one of the few who supported her throughout her notorious affair with director Rossellini and he accepted her Best Actress Oscar for her in 1958 while she was in exile in Italy.

Cary once owned a Sealyham terrier that he named after himself: Archie Leach (his birth name).

He participated in an experimental psychotherapy program in which he was prescribed LSD. At the time this was not as controversial as it is today and he was an outspoken advocate of the drug, saying that it helped him through many unresolved issues.

Cary was madly in love with co-star Sophia Loren in the late 50’s and considered it to be one of the most passionate romances of his life. He pursued her again after their break-up, but she was in love with her husband-to-be Carlo Ponti.

He was a big fan of Elvis Presley and attended many of his shows. He can even be seen in the closing credits of the Elvis documentary ‘That’s The Way It Is’ (1970).

He had a professional vault in his house where he kept ten to fifteen large boxes of keepsakes, all catalogued and labeled. All of his own childhood records had been burned in WWI and he wanted to make sure that his daughter would never be robbed of hers. Among the hundreds of documents were the most minute notes Jennifer wrote and threw away; he had retrieved them, ironed them and placed them in one of the boxes.

Cary and his daughter

He always wore a gold chain around his neck with three charms attached to it. They represented the religions of each of his former spouses: a St. Christopher for Virginia Cherrill (Roman Catholic), a small cross for Barbara Hutton and Betsy Drake (Protestants), and a Star of David for Dyan Cannon (Jewish).

He was very hurt when he did not win the Oscar for Best Actor the two times he was nominated. Especially for None But The Lonely Heart, which he felt he did a good job on. Therefore he was very excited to receive the Honorary Academy Award in 1970.

His favorite co-star was Grace Kelly and he was visibly upset when he attended her televised state funeral in 1982.

Cary absolutely hated his own performance in Arsenic and Old Lace (1944), as he felt that it was over the top and he was miscast. His personal favorite was Indiscreet (1958), but he felt that the character he played in Father Goose (1964) came the closest to his real self.

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  1. Daniel Michalak says:

    Cary Grant did accept the Best Actress Oscar on Ingrid Bergman’s behalf, but…
    –this was in 1957, not 1958, and…
    –Bergman was soaking in a bathtub in Paris at the moment he did so (not “in exile” in Italy)
    Source: “Inside Oscar” by Mason Wiley and Damien Bona

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