Actress Debbie Reynolds hospitalized

Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds was hospitalized after suffering from “an adverse reaction she experienced to a medication she was currently taking,” according to her representative. The 80-year old was released today and is recuperating at home.
Due to the unforeseen circumstances, the rep initially announced that the ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ star would “cancel appearances and concert engagements for the next three months.” Now that she’s been released, there might be a change of plan depending on her health condition in the coming weeks.
“We are taking a wait and see position regarding future personal appearances and will abide by the doctor’s advice,” according to Debbie’s manager. Margie Duncan, who works with her, assures that she’s “doing a little better” and “just needs to take it easy for awhile.”

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  1. OMG,,,,Debbie you look marvelous,,,’even if you did get help along the way’…wow sure wish I could look this good at 80.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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