Greta Garbo’s belongings auctioned

Greta Garbo might have been known for her fierce sense of privacy, but this december we will be able to see more of her personal life as her belongings will be auctioned off.
The auction includes over 800 items of her wardrobe and home decor, including her bed.
her family kept the belongings in storage all these years, but her great nephew Derek Reisfield says that around 2004, as his family prepared to mark 100 years since her birth on September 18, 1905, they decided it was time to begin to share more of her life with the public, which eventually led to the upcoming auction. ‘We realized you really do have a responsibility to try to enhance and protect her legacy, and that started a whole evolution in our thinking,’ Reisfield said.
The items vary from expensive and important, to cheap and a bit silly.  Ranging from a dress Garbo wore to dinner with President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy to an inflatable snowman the actress kept in her living room for laughs. Other items are: a ‘yoga costume’, an old passport, a massage  table, several pairs of silk pyjamas and a papier mache cat made in Mexico. The auction also features her enormous wardrobe, beauty items she used such as hair accessories and home furniting.
Of her estate, the Beverly Hills-based  auctioneers said the very personal collection ‘has never been previously  available and (is) rarely seen by others’.

Pictures of some of the auctioned items:

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