Audrey Hepburn Documentary

New documentary explores Audrey Hepburn’s life

Audrey: More Than An Icon is the latest documentary in a string of tributes the charming actress has recieved over the years. But this one is different: it was made in collaboration with her son Sean Ferrer and Audrey herself contributes to the narration of her own life story, complemented by interviews with friends, collaborators and family members.

Sean Ferrer collaborated for two years on the documentary about his mother with producers Nick Taussig and Annabel Wigoder and director Helena Coan. Coan told The Syndey Morning Herald: ‘I saw her being constantly reduced to this 2D portrait; a pair of eyebrows or eyes, or a silhouette. I also wanted to make a film that appealed to women even more so than men, and this was the story of one who went through difficulties in her life but always transformed them into something beautiful and powerful’.
The documentary features the good and the bad. Among other things, it discusses Audrey‘s heartbreak when her father left the family, something Audrey described as a trauma that left a deep mark. Audrey’s experience in Holland during WWII, her miscarriages and her failed marriages are discussed as well. A voice interview conducted with Audrey before her death narrates the documentary, making it all the more intimate. Of course, her victories like her many iconic films, finding joy in motherhood and her work for Unicef also made the cut.

‘Her story is worth telling,’ Audrey’s son Sean says. ‘It’s not all about skin-deep beauty, but a young girl who we can perceive as being one of us. I like to refer to her as a perfect package of imperfections.’

Audrey: More Than An icon is currently available on DVD and Blu-ray. Also available on digital and VOD since Jan. 5.

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