Oscars pay tribute to 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz

The 2014 Academy Awards paid tribute to the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. All three of the Judy Garland’s children were in attendance and they gave a lovely interview about their mother on the red carpet:

Goldberg introduced the tribute, connecting the film to the night’s “heroes” theme, saying that they don’t always wear capes, but sometimes they wear ruby slippers, lifting up her dress to reveal that she was wearing a pair of ruby shoes — a reference to the movie. Goldberg also introduced Garland’s three children.
“Now in 1939, moviegoers first fell in love with a girl named Dorothy who longed for a life different from her own and in one of the most beloved cinematic magic journeys of all time, and with the help of some very memorable friends — a tin man, a lion and a scarecrow — Dorothy got her wish,” Goldberg said. “Now that year, the incredible Judy Garland, one of my personal heroes, received an honorary juvenile Oscar after following the yellow brick road right into our hearts.”
What followed was a rendition of Over The Rainbow by singer Pink, while a montage of the classic film played in the background:

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